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St Alyre d'Arlanc Historical Pics
St. Alyre d'Arlanc

Here are a selection of historical pictures of the village centre. These are mostly taken from postcards dating from around the turn of last century and show the building that is now restored by the LCO from different aspects.

Around 1900, the village of St Alyre d'Arlanc was much bigger than it is today. The thriving industries of timber production and that of preserving trees for use as telephone poles through a unique method of copper sulphate injection were the mainstay of the community.

Along with the tourism generated by the clear mountain air, the village then boasted some twenty hotels of which the Hotel des Voyagers Gaillard, (now the LCO), was the most centrally located. The population also supported a market, several cafes and a complement of shops.

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