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Linux Coaching Inn, Progress Report
Outdoor activities!
Progress Report

The Linux Coaching Organisation Project has now been in progress for almost two years. The building had been uninhabited for about 12 years, so much renovation was needed.

As there were so many pictures on one page, this report has now been sub-divided to make it faster to load and easier to navigate and to save those interested from having to re-load the same information and images each time they wish to keep up-to-date.

The Linux Coaching website has been modified and brought up-to-date in the French Language pages so that the text now reflects the equivalent English version.

First six months. 08/03-01/04 : Kitchen/Larder area and Cave, Attic(Linux Lab).
Second six months. 02/04-08/04 : Salon, Cybercafe, Bedrooms, Linux Lab.
Third six months. 08/04-02/05 : The new showerblock and interconnecting hallway. Views of the grange.
Fourth six months. 02/05-06/05 : The final frontier - Work starts in earnest on completing the grange which will become a second living area and indoor garden for visitors and staff.
Miscellaneous. : Other areas not directly related to the LCO's workshop infrastructure.

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