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LCO-France, Seasons in the Livradois
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The Livradois-Forez through the Seasons
The Livradois-Forez natural park covers an area somewhere in the region of a quarter million acres of volcanic peaks, densely forested rolling hills, lakes, rivers, streams, towns, villages and sleepy hamlets.

It's climate is unique, being far enough south to benefit from hot summers, yet one can experience tmperature differences of 10-15 degrees in just a few miles due to the considerable altitude differences.

In the summer you can find cool mountain lakes for swimming and boating activities, steep hillsides where paragliding enthusiasts can soar on the air currents. In the winter months, the high Massif peaks offer skiing and other alpine sports.

For the less adventurous, the traffic-free roads and forest paths offer you the chance to get as close to nature as is possible and experience the peace and tranquility of life far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Although most visitors choose to visit between spring and autumn, the links on the side menu let you see the region in all of its seasons. Almost all of these images were taken within walking distance of LCO-France.

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