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Working towards a new lifestyle

The Linux Coaching Org - Opportunities and Voluntary Work.

Tux in the mountains Do YOU have skills that could benefit the spread of knowledge about various aspects of 'OpenSource' to the public at large?

For example, could YOU provide help and assistance for someone looking to migrate from a microsoft desktop to GNU/Linux?

Are you fed up with the rat race? Perhaps in-between jobs? Would you like to put your talents to use in a more relaxed and leisurely environment?

The Linux Coaching Organisation is a "Not For Profit" establishment, which we believe to be the first of its kind in Europe. Its primary purpose, to provide a relaxed rural retreat where visitors can combine some valuable learning in a holiday style environment.

Its three main objectives are:-
  • To promote GNU/Linux and the philosophies underlying free and OpenSource software by helping others to take the step to move away from proprietary systems and migrate to GNU/Linux.

  • To assist busy Executives and IT Managers to gain the confidence to overcome the obstacles encountered when making the switch to GNU/Linux. To demonstrate through an active GNU/Linux infrastructure how this can improve staff morale, increase productivity and reduce IT overheads.

  • To encourage those already familiar with aspects of OpenSource to expand their knowledge in fields such as GNU/Linux Administration, Networking, php, MySQL and other web development tools.
LCO-France is currently seeking volunteers who believe they can contribute to its development for periods of not less than three months. In return the LCO provides a friendly environment with food and accommodation.

If you are interested, you can download an Application Form (pdf format) or, visit our Contacts page and send us an email.

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