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3D-Worlds OpenSimulator
1 July 2013 - 7 July 2013
Open Simulator is a server application that runs a 3D-World on a networked or online server.

This workshop details the hardware/software requirements for a suitable machine and guides you through the set-up of viewers to access the application.

Creating an OpenSimulator server and then designing your 3D world is a complex, longterm but rewarding occupation. The course provides an overview of the steps needed. You will master the construction tools built into the viewer to create your 3D world and learn about prims and how to texture objects plus how other applications such as GIMP and blender fit in. You will also discover how to install lsl scripts to bring life to otherwise static objects.

3D Worlds are an ideal environment for those with IT experience to share their knowledge with others. Viewed from both sides, they are therefore a perfect environment for those who wish to learn and improve themselves hands-on, under the guidance of others with more experience.

Just read on to see just some of the skills a person might choose to develop in a 3D World. Most people tend to select one or two areas of interest and then go on to develop their knowledge in these areas.  This list is far from complete.
  • Creation of 3D Objects (Sculptys) using "Blender".
  • Creating digital art using Gimp or Paintshop Pro.
  • Terraforming and landscaping land.and water.
  • Creation of avatar skins and body shapes.
  • Designing clothes, tattooes.
  • Making fashion accessories, hair, jewellery etc.
  • Developing business management skills.
  • Building Objects using the in-viewer tools.
  • Animating objects using the LSL Scripting Language
  • Reproducing public buildings, Making Art Galleries.
  • Learning how to speak in Public.
  • Communication and working as a team member.

Whilst full-knowledge of this subject can only be learned though much hands-on experience, this workshop aims to give a substantial grounding into 3D-world creation and administration.
Holiday Workshop: 3D-Worlds OpenSimulator
Start Date: 1 July 2013
Duration: 7
End Date: 7 July 2013
Price: 840.00 €
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