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Migrating to Desktop Linux
29 April 2013 - 5 May 2013
This beginners level workshop is ideal for those who are considering a move away from proprietary systems and migration to a GNU/Linux system desktop for use either at home or in the workplace. It is suitable for end users, and for office administrators who wish to be better informed about the options and human issues that will arise.

By choice, and because we believe it is the best for the purpose, we conduct the workshop using the Novell/SuSE distribution. The major differences between alternate distributions will be pointed out so that delegates will be able to make an informed choice suited to their own particular needs.

You will learn about:
  • Open Source / and what Free Software means. A synopsis.
  • Exactly what is a GNU/Linux Distribution?
  • X-Windows and choices of desktop interface.
  • The Open Office tools.
  • Graphics applications and other available open source software.
  • Peripheral hardware - soundcards, printers, scanners, cameras, etc.
  • Connecting to the Internet and e-mail tools.
  • Samba - a tool to allow MS Windows and GNU/Linux to interface seamlessly.
  • Methods that allow cross-platforming of proprietary applications.
  • Using the Command line - where and how to find help on commands.
  • Directory infrastructure and file handling.
  • Updating, downloading and installing new software.
  • Networking and Security issues.

Often the biggest concerns we come across are:-
"What programs are available for the open source alternative?
"All my files are in Microsoft Word format... Will I still be able to read or change them if I switch to a different system?"
"Can I run any of my existing software under GNU/Linux?"

Such questions and more will be answered and throughout the Workshop, participants will be guided and gain hands-on experience using a GNU/Linux desktop.

Holiday Workshop: Migrating to Desktop Linux
Start Date: 29 April 2013
Duration: 7
End Date: 5 May 2013
Price: 595.00 €
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